How to deal with bad breath or mouth odor (Halitosis)

How to deal with bad breath or mouth odor (Halitosis)

Halitosis (Bad Breath)


What is Halitosis

Halitosis is an oral health problem where there’s a bad smelling breath. Halitosis affects everyone at some time in their lives. It’s also known as Bad Breath or Fetor Oris. It can be a temporary problem or chronic condition.

What causes Bad Breath (Halitosis)

  • Certain foods

The foods you eat are linked to your breath. When you eat onions, garlic and other foods that have strong odors, the body absorbs the oil in it and it goes into your blood streams and them into your lungs which then causes the bad breath.


  • Poor oral care

Bacteria breakdown food substance in the mouth. Not all the food sutstance end up in the stomach. Those that remain in the mouth decay and produce unpleasant odor. Brushing and flossing regularly removes trapped food before it decays

  • Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is gum disease and the main symptom is bad breath. It is usally the effect of not removing plaque from the teeth. It then hardens into tartar in the gum and brushing the teeth cant remove it but will further irritate the gums. It then gives bad odor

  • Dry mouth

Dry mouth is when you don’t create enough saliva; it keeps the mouth clean and reduces odor. If you have a salivary gland problem

  • Tobacco products

  • Health conditions



How do you deal halitosis(bad breath)


  • A dental cleaning may be the solution if plaque accumulation is the cause of bad breath. If you have periodontal disease, you could need a thorough dental cleaning.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Daily flossing is recommended, being sure to reach all of your teeth. For everyday bacterial removal, use antimicrobial mouthwash. Bacteria can also be removed by using a tongue scraper or toothbrush to brush your tongue.

  • Keeping hydrated can frequently aid in reducing or preventing bad breath. Drink water to flush away food remains and maintain moisture in your mouth. Quitting smoking can help keep your mouth fresh and odor-free while also keeping it moist.