Episode Three ()

I sat on the bed at home and decided I had to ask her just to be sure. It was my life at stake here and I just couldn’t take any chances. I phoned her but unfortunately her phone was off. I can’t remember doing it with anyone else. I was becoming angry and getting really tensed. I decided to take a shower so I could may be calm down.

While in the shower, it dawned on me. I hadn’t checked on the uber driver. Don’t be surprised, it was a Sunday evening and my circle was out partying. I didn’t have money but the pressure from their posts and tweets got me wanting to be a part of it. My first option was to take a troski but then, that would have spoiled my branding. I decided to use the uber and then ask any of my friends to help me out once I got to the party.

I ordered the uber and this tall well built guy was my order. When we got to the party, I told him to wait while went inside to get him some money. He refused and said he had been robbed that evening and couldn’t afford to take another chance. I decided it was fine and phoned my friends. Can you imagine, six friends and not a single one picked up. He noticed my uneasiness and suggested a way out. I tried fighting it but had to agree. He drove me to his apartment and that was where it happened.  He was really good at it, I have to admit that. He gave me a sheet of paper with his contact on it – “ incase you want us to link up again”, that was what he said.

He drove me home afterwards, I couldn’t go to the party again. I remember he used a condom. So I doubt he could be the bastard who gave me the …. my phone begun to ring and I rushed out to get it. It was my Kate. After exchanging greetings, I asked her if she had the disease. She was a little angry but told me she didn’t have it. I was alright that she understood me but I was in trouble now. Who at all gave me this thing? I had to call that uber guy to confirm that his condoms weren’t broken. I searched my room for the sheet but didn’t even find the bag I use that evening.

I dressed up and went over to my mother’s shop to continue my search. If the condom had broken, I would have gotten pregnant but I didn’t which mean it didn’t break. Huh, he isn’t the one.


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