How Did i Get It? (Confession) Part 2

How Did i Get It? (Confession) Part 2

Episode 2

Kate And Her Secret

Yes, I know one doesn’t get the infection from only intercourse but I am a hundred percent sure, that it is the only way I could have arrived at this gruesome destination. With Kelvin out of the picture, I decided to concentrate on the bakery job I had found. Fortunately, I didn’t have to spend hours by the oven. I only had to do deliveries to our customers. It wasn’t easy. Waking up to go to work at around 4am and returning in the evening at 6pm on a daily bases except Sundays. After working for six months, I quit and wished to take up a job as a nanny. It paid well and I was lucky the children were a little grown so I didn’t have much trouble. The only problem here was the washing and cooking on Saturdays, it was tiresome. 

Within the ten months, I had made a lot of money and once again I decided to quit. The mistake I made was, I didn’t have a plan on what to do with the money that I had saved. I hatched an idea and handed eighty percent of it to my mother to use for her business so that she gives me and interest every month. It worked. Sometimes the interest delayed but it surely came. Childishly, I slipped back into my old life when I became friends with Gina. It started with just a birthday party and then I got a new boyfriend. The parties kept coming and I kept spending. The monthly interests that were coming from my investment with my mother, I stopped saving them. In fact, they begun to look quite small to me. Every weekend I was at a party or at his house. The spirit of lust took over once again.

Everything was fine until one Friday evening I visited my boyfriend and found him on top of another lady. Breakfast was served. I walked out of the house hoping he’d come after me to render an apology but no, he never did and never called me again. I checked his whatsapp and realized he had blocked me. “So I was even a side  chick?’’ Boys should be feared.


This time for real I thought to myself, it is time to concentrate and lead a decent life. I started work at a restaurant as a waitress and everything was going great. I made a lot of friends with customers and colleague workers. I had a plan to make enough money so I could open up my own minimart just like my mother. On weekends, I helped some of the customers at home. This brought in more cash and favors. With time, I left the restaurant job to work for one of the customers. You can’t blame me, she paid well and even gave me accommodation. The work wasn’t as tiresome as working in the restaurant. She had a daughter just a little older than I was. She and I went along very well. Her mother was even surprised because the daughter never liked any of the helps that came into the house. That was good news to my ears.

Her daughter and I did almost everything together and my employee was very happy to see her daughter finally helping out in the house and even trying to prepare some meals herself. This brought an increase in my salary. Life was good after I kicked men out of my life.

One Sunday morning, after breakfast, the family left for church service leaving Kate, the daughter and I at home. She was in her room while I did some cleaning in her mother’s room. The two rooms were quite close. I finished up the cleaning and on my way out, I realized Kate’s room was opened. I went over to shut the door but noticed she was inside. She lay on the bed naked with something in her honeypot. Her eyes were shut as she enjoyed herself. Yes, I knew what it was. I tip toed out leaving her to finish up.

The thought of sex drove it way back to my head that very week. I missed the thrill and ecstasy it brought. Then I thought to myself, why don’t I also get a vibrator? At least it wouldn’t break my heart and I wouldn’t need a pill every now and then. I decided I’d get one for myself.

A week or two after what I witnessed, Kate opened up to me and told me how she had gotten her heart broken by so many men and finally came to using the vibrator. She feared her mother would find it one day and didn’t want that to happen so she wanted me to keep it for her. I agreed almost immediately. I took it and hid it. She explained that keeping it away from her a while would help her control her lustful desires.

That night, I tried it for myself. It felt very good. I think I used it a couple of times. Then I retired to bed quite late. The next morning I was up very late as well but didn’t have a problem with anyone. Kate did the dishes and prepared breakfast for her mother who couldn’t help but thank me for over sleeping. Hmmm , now I’m thinking  I got it from Kate. She looked healthy though. 

Episode 3 (final episode drops soon)