How Did i Get It? (Confession)

How Did i Get It? (Confession)


Episode 1


“ Congratulations”, said the doctor as he walked into the room with his long white robe and rather awkwardly large tie. I looked at him with wide eyes. What was he congratulating me for? Was it another pregnancy which I most definitely would get rid off once I get out of this place?

“ I have good news and bad news”, he continued when he finally got to the bed I was sitting on. “what’s the good news?”, I asked. He paused for a while and opened the large file he was holding, pulled down his glasses and gave out a heavy breathe. “ the good news is that you are pregnant and the other news is that, you have HIV”. He bit his lower lip and watched me as I continued to stare at him in great confusion. The pregnancy wasn’t my worry, it wasn’t the first time I have had one. I was going to abort it. “How did I get the HIV?” I asked him. He looked surprised. Actually I didn’t mean to ask him that. It just came out.

I stood up from the bed, picked my purse and begun with sturdy steps towards the door. “You don’t have to worry, the baby wouldn’t be affected by it. We can help you deliver a healthy baby”, he said while I walked out. I was confused. How did I get it? I went straight to a pharmacy near by and got the pills to abort the pregnancy then a chartered a taxi to my mother’s shop. I didn’t know how to break the news to her so I had to put on a happy face to cover up everything but you know mothers. Even with my cheerful face and how chatty I was she still knew something was wrong and asked. My last resort was to lie. She didn’t believe my lie but knew there was no way she could force it out of me.

All me Nash and as you just read, I have HIV. The problem is, I don’t know how I got it. This is my story. Let me start from when it all begun, the genesis.  I was such a bright kid in primary and Junior high with very high hopes of becoming a medical doctor in the future. Somewhere in senior high school I decided I was of age and went in for a boyfriend. In third year I broke my virginity with him. No, he isn’t the one who gave me the infection because we used protection. I was deflowered and it felt very good that I craved for more. Somehow, George, my first lover, left after whole sex thing. I felt used but still wanted him badly. I got over him after we completed senior high and got a new boyfriend. George got my contact and said he wanted me back. I was surprised. He explained he thought I would have gotten pregnant and didn’t want to get into any trouble, such nonsense. I blocked him.

My new relationship was blooming and I was enjoying it. My new catch, Kelvin, was a university student and had his own apartment. This made the nights of orgasms more fun and care free. My mother and father weren’t together, so I used that as leverage to be stubborn. I would lie to my mother I was going to visit my father in the next town then I’ll go to Kelvin’s. When I was done satisfying him and myself, I’d then go to my father’s and intentionally give my mother a call using my father’s line so she would know I was safe with him. I didn’t really do well in the certificate examination so my parents decided I should learn a trade. After doing this for about a year, Kelvin graduated and left to God knows where. Once again I was left to myself and still hadn’t learnt anything. I doubt Kelvin was the one to have given me the infection. He was always keen on the use of a condom and always wore one each and every time. So it’s definitely not him. Then who ?


NOTE: the names are fictional.

To be continued in Episode two.