QUESTION: What is the main idea behind the establishment of Is the company for ‘real’? And is there anything that really proves this?

ANSWER: is a brand of publishing arm of sports, entertainment and political news, stories and latest happenings in Ghana and beyond from our company Voicehub Media Group, We have been online since our debut as a news firm in 2020, so, we are very real.

QUESTION: How long will I Continue to make money with Drip Tv ?

ANSWER: The Drip Tv and it's income program is not a Ponzi scheme therefore our services spreads in the great hands of publishing and news stories thereby rewarding our readers for it – we do not intend to stop this service at any point in time so you keep earning on and on.

QUESTION: How can i activate my account?

ANSWER: You can activate your account by Purchasing a Gh¢30.00 worth coupon from our Verified Vendors. You account gets activated immediately after making payment. However, musical artistes who wish to sell their music on our website will be subjected to monthly renewal. That is they'll pay Gh¢30 every month till they wish not to continue.

QUESTION: What happens If I don't activate my account?

ANSWER: If you don't activate your account by purchasing the coupon, you will not be able to log into your account again after you log out. You can't remain logged in'll eventually log out automatically.

QUESTION: How many times do I have to buy the coupon?

ANSWER: The coupon is a one-time purchase something. Once you buy it for the first time, you don't need to buy again throughout your time on the program

QUESTION: What’s the minimum withdrawal amount as earning from Driptvonline?

ANSWER: We pay our members to their Mobile Money Wallet across all networks every Saturday of every week. The minimum amount to withdraw anytime is Gh¢50.00


ANSWER: Driptvonline Coupon Code is a kind of string containing characters, or alphabets or numeric. This code is purchased from our verified Vendors for account activation.

QUESTION: Can Someone who stays outside Ghana register and earn with Drip Tv Income PROGRAM?

ANSWER: YES! If a user outside Ghana can find a way to make payments and get their account activated, and also have a Ghanaian account for receiving payment, they can join and earn on Drip Tv Income Program..

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