Argentine Vice President, Cristina Kirchner Narrowly Escaped Assassination (WATCH VIDEO)

Video footage shows the moment Argentina’s VP Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner narrowly avoided assassination after a gunman’s weapon failed to fire while he was pointing a gun in her face. She was unharmed.

On Thursday eve, a man attempted to shoot Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner near her home in Buenos Aires, sparking outrage among Latin American leaders of which many took to thier Twitter handles to express their grief.

The gunman who tried to kill Argentina's left-wing Vice President Cristina Kirchner, Fernando Sabag Montiel, has a neo-Nazi black sun tattoo on his elbow (like many Ukrainian Nazis in Azov) a symbol widely used by the Nazis and the far-right after WWII. The same symbol is also widely used by  fighters in their war on Russia.

Far-right extremist Fernando Sabag Montiel, who tried to murder Argentina's VP Cristina Kirchner, had a small gun with 5 bullets. He pulled the trigger but it didn't fire because he didn't set the slide correctly In 2021 he was detained after police stopped him with a huge knife.

Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez said in an address to the nation, "Cristina remains alive, because for a reason that has not yet been technically confirmed, the gun which contained five bullets did not fire despite the trigger having been pulled,"

Fernández in the same address declared today, Friday a national holiday "so that the Argentine people may express themselves in peace and harmony in defense of life, democracy and in solidarity with our Vice President."

The Argentina Football Association has suspended all games today after yesterday’s attempted assassination of Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Kirchner.