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You can make 6 figures online, or offline creating contents for people and of course, yourself.

Freelance writing is a way of making money online from creating of contents. It could be for your own platform, or for others.

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If you want to actually write and get paid on our website, then you must be good in it.

Read a lot of articles on the niche/category you want to dive into so you know what you should be delivering.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need much to make your MOMO wallet swell up. People have been doing it and you too can. The things you need are;

Smartphone or a laptop: Yes, you don’t need to own a cafe to make money online. All you need is either your smartphone and/or a laptop. Waiting till you have a laptop is merely a waste of time.

Determination and passion: You must be determined if you want to achieve anything. Couple with your determination, you must have the passion to make money online. Your determination and passion are what is needed to keep you going in the money-making adventure.

Little investment: Yes, you need a small investment too. Investment of as low as Gh¢30 or less will be required of you before you can start making money online on this program. 


Drip Tv Income Program started operation on the 3rd of March 2022 and we are determined to pay our users fully and on time.

A lot of Ghanaians will benefit from this program. If you don't join Drip Tv Income Program right now, you’ll really be missing out on some big deal. Drip Tv Income Program is not a get rich quick / ponzi scheme – you earn weekly in part payments and earnings are paid accordingly. Outlined below are basic reasons why you need to join this amazing program.

REASON 1: Drip Tv is an amazing news platform where you can get paid for writing news and other contents. We share our advertising revenue with our active readers weekly.

Our news content comes from reliable sources, curated and published with respective source link which in turn gives back-link and more traffic to the source. All we’ve seen in the past are fake scam sites that run for a while and close down later.

This is one of the reasons you should join Drip Tv Income Program. Its stable. Its reliable, sustainable and profitable and above all, its fun-loving because you get to enjoy yourself with the stories, make friends and earn.

REASON 2: You get Paid for doing what you love doing and have been doing for free all these years. Yes, This particular reason is for up and coming artistes. You have been releasing songs all your lives on social media but never got paid, but how, here is an opportunity to change the game and turn the tables around.

REASON 3: You get updated with daily update across the country. Not only that, we provide you with reasonable information and tips on what you need to know.

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Drip Tv Income Program Participants can earn money on drip Tv by posting News/stories/poems/articles/content.

You will earn Gh¢0.05 per view when you post a well constructed news article. You can post unlimited articles daily.

Making money online is interesting, and freelance writing is a job you do not need a degree to be a part of.

Thanks a lot for reading along.

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