Ways to save yourself from High blood pressure

hypertension, Ways to save yourself from High blood pressure

Ways to save yourself from High blood pressure

High Blood pressure

When your blood's power pushing through your veins is regularly too high, you have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

It can Damaged arteries, Damaged brain, Damage Heart, Vision loss .

Hypertension is generally a silent condition.

symptoms of severe hypertension can include:

  •  Flushing
  • Blood spots in the eyes (subconjunctival hemorrhage)
  •  dizziness 


primary hypertension - Genes, Age, Living with obesity , Living a very seditary lifestlye , high sodium intake (more than 2 g a day) 

Secondary hypertension 

  • kidney disease
  • obstructive sleep apnea,
  • congenital heart defects
  • problems with your thyroid
  • High alcohol consumption

How to avoid hypertension

  • Developing a heart-healthy diet 
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Reaching an optimal weight
  • Managing stress
  • Quitting smoking and limiting alcohol
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Limit refined sugar
  • Monitor your blood pressure regularly
  • Reduce sodium intake

What signs or symptoms indicate hypertension?

Typically, hypertension is a quiet illness. Many individuals won't show any symptoms. The illness may not become serious enough for symptoms to be visible for years or even decades. Even then, other problems could be to blame for these symptoms.

Signs and symptoms of severe hypertension include:

  • flushing
  • Having bloodshot eyes (subconjunctival hemorrhage)
  • dizziness

Diagnosing high blood pressure

Diagnosing hypertension is as simple as taking a blood pressure reading. Most doctors’ offices check blood pressure as part of a routine visit. If you don’t receive a blood pressure reading at your next appointment, request one.

If your blood pressure is elevated, your doctor may request you have more readings over the course of a few days or weeks. A hypertension diagnosis is rarely given after just one reading.

Your doctor needs to see evidence of a sustained problem. That’s because your environment can contribute to increased blood pressure, like the stress you may feel by being at the doctor’s office. Also, blood pressure levels change throughout the day.

If your blood pressure remains high, your doctor will likely conduct more tests to rule out underlying conditions.