5 Famous celebs Who Did Adult Films Before They Were Famous

5 Famous celebs Who Did Adult Films Before They Were Famous
5 Famous celebs Who Did Adult Films Before They Were Famous

From the look of things, It seems like it’s a normal procedure for the celebrities we see in Hollywood movies, reality stars, and musicians. No matter if they are men or women, there are some well-known celebs who did some NSFW(Not Safe For Work) job before they became popular.

let’s see if our favorite stars were part of that too:

1.Kim Kardashian

2.Jon Hamm

3.Cameron Diaz

4.Riley Steele

5.Sasha Grey

6.Helen Mirren

Kim Kardashian

When we talk about leaked tapes, she is the first one that pops into our minds. Before that, she was an assistant and friend of Paris Hilton. They were trying to sue her partner Ray J, but then they got a better idea – to turn it all into a good press and make enough drama, to draw all the attention to them. And what happened? Today, the Kardashian family is worth billions of dollars altogether.

Jon Hamm

He was the attractive and handsome Don Draper in the popular TV drama “Mad Men”. We recognize him as a 60s marketer who is interested in women and alcohol. And, before he took that role, he was then an actor too, but in a different niche. He appeared in a 90s dating show, but once he told that he was actually a dresser for soft-core-porn films. Probably you expected that he did a movie too, but the truth is that, as far as we know, there is no evidence for that.

Cameron Diaz

Can you imagine your favorite rom-com and Charlie Angel star as a part of the porn industry? She was only 19 years old when she appeared in a soft porn movie, and then, when she became worldwide popular, she tried to stop the sharing of the video. But truth be told, the internet is still the internet.

Riley Steele

Guess what, She appeared in some mainstream movies, but when she saw how things work in Hollywood, she decided to get back to her initial niche – which was the adult film industry. She is best known for her appearances in the porn versions of the popular franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Sasha Grey

This may come as a surprise to you, but she also appeared in a few mainstream movies and TV series. And she was also part and a co-founder of the industrial music band aTelecine, but she eventually left them in 2013. Also, if you want to watch her traditional acts, you can watch “The Girlfriend Experience”, “Smash Cut”, and the horror “Would You Rather”.

Helen Mirren

Now our favorite Oscar winner had some different beginnings in acting. In the late 70s, she filmed the movie “Caligula” which was pretty controversial for that time. She describes it as a mix of art and genitals, and never underappreciate that experience. She was a newbie in the movies when she did that, but she will never deny the fact it’s a part of her early career. 

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